Our main goal is to add value to coffee.

From the coffee bean selection and its careful roast, to the palates of our consumers.



With over a century of tradition in the coffee industry, we are pioneers and domestic leaders in the industrialization and commercialization of coffee in Mexico, with our main objective of adding value to the coffee industry.




To produce and commercialize the best coffee products that satisfy our clients, adding value to the community and our commercial partners.


To always be an entrepreneurial, creative, competitive and reliable organization, with the highest quality of coffee products.



Our Facilities

We operate in a modern and spacious facility in Cordoba, Veracruz, a city where besides being the cradle of coffee growing in our country, is conveniently located only 70 miles away from the port of Veracruz, 170 miles away from Mexico City and 870 miles from Laredo, USA.




For each of our different processes, we take special care of the quality of the coffee that we are going to use from the source, to ensure excellent finished products.



Roast Coffee

Using German technology, our coffee Roastmaster transforms the green coffee beans to roasted coffee, highlighting the best attributes of the coffee bean, originating from different growing regions of Mexico or the world.



Coffee Extract

The roasted coffee is sent to a modern and sophisticated extraction equipment, where through a process of pressure and controlled temperature, we achieve to extract the soluble solids of the roasted beans, which creates a concentrated liquid known as coffee extract.



Instant Coffee

To produce soluble coffee, best known as instant coffee, we evaporate the coffee extract which contains the soluble parts of the roasted coffee. Then is dried, having as a result the instant coffee.



Freeze Dry Coffee

To produce freeze dry coffee, the evaporated coffee extract is dried by a physical process known as sublimation, where the coffee extract is freezed and the water content is transformed from solid to gas without passing through a liquid state.




We prepare mixes of instant coffee, powdered milk, artificial flavoring and sweeteners, to create different flavors of cappuccino beverage mixes, for vending machines or as a ready to drink product.



Our certifications:



Safe Quality Food and Responsible Supplier

The quality of our products is achieved not only by the selection of the best coffees, but also through the careful attention to our processes, guaranteeing products with the highest international standards of food safety to our clients and consumers. Therefore, we rely on the SQF certification issued by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the SMETA audit for responsible and ethical conditions.



Sustainable Agriculture

At Cafinco, we are eager to offer sustainable coffee to our clients, therefore, we rely on Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade and USDA Organic certifications. We understand that besides from caring for the environment and working under the best social standards in the field, to be sustainable, it is also necessary to support the farmers to be more efficient, boosting productivity and quality of their harvests, and ensuring a fair trade between the producers and consumers, which in turn will improve their standards of living.



Global community

For brands that require Kosher and Halal certifications, our coffee processes are certified for their consumers.




For clients that wish to export their brand of coffee to the United States, our plant is registered with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).